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Drone Photo & Video

Aerial Photo of a Real Estate
Image by Derek Thomson
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Drone Photography

if you're a real estate agent you know it can be tough for homebuyers to really see and feel the magnitude of the property they are looking at, so that's why we take to the sky! Perfect for real estate, engineers, developers, landscapers and more, Drone Photography offers a beautiful perspective and layout of the landscape below. No, you can't just take screenshots from Google Earth...we've already tried that!

Aerial Photo of a Real Estate
Image by Aaron Burden
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Drone Videography

Prepare for beautiful sweeping cinematic shots across landscapes! Drone video is perfect for real estate, construction, engineering, cinema/film, and commercial work! Contact us today to learn more about how it can help bring your next project to life!

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Drone Exploration

When accessing buildings or structures for maintenance, damage, and repairs, architects and engineers need an up close look but unfortunately can not always get that on foot. Foreshore Media in unique to be the only Media company in New Jersey who works with contractors, architects and engineers for collaborative drone explorations. Reach out today to inquire and learn more.

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