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Post-Production Services

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Our editors are experts on all the leading platforms including Adobe, Avid, DaVinci Resolve, and Final Cut Pro. With our years of experience we are prepped and ready to compose your project for the big screen. Featured work includes corporate video, films, documentaries, commercials, real estate video, and more. 

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Color Grading

Hollywood films don't just look good out of the camera. Our experienced colorist team takes the raw footage and creates the "look" that our clients want. Make your footage standout with professional color grading from Foreshore Media. **Trained and certified colorists.

Night Train
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Motion Graphics

What is Motion Graphics you ask? Anything text, title, or objects that move on the screen are considered motion graphics. This includes name cards, prices, logos, animations, special FX, and more! Some commercials are 100% motion graphics. Our experienced Adobe After Effects team can custom design graphics to fit your project.

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