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Live Event Streaming

Church Interior
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Church Services

Religious gatherings and worship ceremonies have always been about bringing people together. It's time to reach across the borders of your own community and spread your message to viewers from across the globe! With our multi-camera live streaming services, your words and songs of worship can keep spreading peace and love to people at home, and those far, far away! 

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Non-Profit Galas

In the wake of the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic, many organizations have faced the harsh realities of not being to gather or host essential events. Foreshore Media's live event streaming services are a perfect solution for non-profit organizations. With our broadcast engineering team, we can take your next Gala, Fundraiser, and Event to the world wide web! Featuring all the components of main stream TV, make your members and special guests feel like stars as you continue to work to reach your annual goals. 

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Education Lectures

Online learning has become an essential part of our education system over the past decade, with many college and universities offering fully online degrees. Now, with COVID-19, we must keep lecturing and learning while the school bells aren't ringing. With our live streaming services, educators can professionally instruct their students at home in high quality from the classroom; keeping everyone safe and informed. 

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We love live music just as much as you do! And that's exactly what music should be, LIVE! No lip syncing or fake tracks. With our broadcast grade live streaming technology, we're prepared and amped to multi-cam stream your next gig to fans and music lovers at home! We're happy and experienced to work with your sound engineers to merge together rock solid sound, with industry quality video! Now, let's get rocking!

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Corporate Meetings

Whether it's an annual report, key note, new product release, or special announcement, Foreshore Media is here to multi-cam live stream your next conference! By utilizing UHD Broadcast Technology, we can stream to your viewers, members, directors and stakeholders your presentation, along with images, graphics, videos and powerpoint, keeping all those at home informed and engaged. Call us today!

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What makes one of life's most important and treasured moments so special, is when you're in the company of all those special people who make it so! Reach across physical boundaries and live stream your wedding ceremony to family and friends across the globe! In the era of COVID-19, health and safety concerns have caused weddings to be canceled, or not allow those loved ones to be in attendance. Foreshore Media is here to capture the moment you say "I do"! Keep you life plans on track and call us to stream your wedding for your family and friends to attend virtually on facebook, youtube, instagram, or anywhere you wish! Congrats!

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